New Healing Connection Course Companion Workbook

A companion workbook containing the exercises from the New Healing Connection with space to write and reflect on your healing journey

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You have more power than you can imagine—power to heal yourself and change your life—starting from the inside out.

Based on more than fifteen years of research into the mind-body connection, the New Healing Connection® is a transformational self-study course for individuals who are ready to make a powerful shift—and get at the root of issues that limit their healing.

This Course Companion Workbook contains all the practical exercises from the New Healing Connection® course. These exercises will help you incorporate the course concepts into your life as soon as you begin.

For each lesson there is a short summary to help you focus on the concept and easy-to-follow directions for the exercise. Use this workbook as a journal to make notes and track your progress. Make notes, draw, and write down your discoveries about yourself and what you learn.

The exercises will guide you to work on areas of your inner self that need healing. And it will help you bring a healthy balance to your energy flow, emotional flow, and thought patterns. You’ll learn how to heal your inner conflicts regarding relationships and the painful lessons life has brought you. You’ll also learn how to follow your intuition as it guides you to change your outer world and bring it into alignment with your new understanding of your inner self.


You have the power to change your life!


Published 2018, Piedmont Publishing

8 1/2" x 11" Layflat Paperback, 120 Pages 

A companion workbook containing all the exercises in the New Healing Connection® course


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Meet Cassandra Schamber, MD

Cassandra Schamber, MD, is a life coach who focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection. She received her medical and undergraduate degrees from the University of Minnesota.

She has a history of working in family medicine and pain medicine prior to closing her practice in 2020 and focusing on life coaching. She uses her understanding of Western medicine, complementary medicine and spirituality as she helps people get to the root of their pain and heal from within.

She created New Healing Connection® for people who want to change their perspective on health and healing. Her special interest is in the power of emotions to heal both physical and emotional illness.


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