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A revolutionary new way to heal your body and mind.
Get to the root cause of pain and heal from within!

Based on more than fifteen years of research into the mind-body-emotion connection, the New Healing Connection® is a transformational self-study online course (with accompanying books) and group coaching program for individuals who are ready to make a powerful shift—to heal themselves and change their lives—starting from the inside out.


What is the one thing in your life that you’d like to change?

  • Would you like to heal a physical or emotional illness?
  • Would you like to resolve a conflict with another person?
  • Would you like to find a more satisfying career or greater financial satisfaction?
  • Or would you just like to have a sense of inner peace and be able to enjoy each moment to its fullest? 


Although it can seem impossible to turn these changes into reality, by shifting your perspective and focusing on your inner self, they are potentially within your reach.


The work you do to accomplish all these changes starts from the same place: your inner self. This is because when you work on bringing balance to your inner life, your outer life changes too. Everything from your physical and mental health to your relationships, career, and financial situation.

This work is so simple that anyone can do it, but it takes a special person with an open mind and the motivation to dig deep and look inside of yourself as you pick up your power and transform your life.

Who Should Enroll?

If you suffer from:

  • chronic pain of any type including headaches, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, abdominal pain, neck and back pain
  • depression or anxiety
  • chronic illness—including recurrent infections, menstrual disorders, asthma, allergies, intestinal disorders, skin conditions, and conditions where you suspect there is an emotional or stress component causing or exacerbating your symptoms
  • obesity
  • addictions to substances or unhealthy habits
  • unresolved conflicts and problems in relationships
  • work dissatisfaction
  • an experience or feeling of victimization
  • shame or guilt
  • unresolved emotions after trauma
  • a sense of dissatisfaction or lack of inner peace


If you:

  • are dedicated to self-awareness
  • are open to new ideas
  • want to improve your life
  • are motivated to change


If you've:

  • tried conventional medicine and complementary therapies and still aren’t satisfied
  • been in counseling or addiction treatment programs that haven’t accomplished what you needed
  • tried different diets and weight loss programs with limited success
  • changed jobs or relationships only to find yourself in another unsatisfying situation



Take Advantage of This Important Offer!

Meet Cassandra Schamber, MD

Cassandra Schamber, MD, is a life coach who focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection. She received her medical and undergraduate degrees from the University of Minnesota.

She has a history of working in family medicine and pain medicine prior to closing her practice in 2020 and focusing on life coaching. She uses her understanding of Western medicine, complementary medicine and spirituality as she helps people get to the root of their pain and heal from within.

She created New Healing Connection® for people who want to change their perspective on health and healing. Her special interest is in the power of emotions to heal both physical and emotional illness.


The New Healing Connection course will give you a new approach to transforming your life. It provides guidance for many areas of your life:

  • It offers a practical way to view the concept of energy that can often seem too mystical for the average person.
  • It teaches a revolutionary new way to deal with emotions.
  • It offers a new approach to breaking unhealthy thought habits.
  • It helps you recognize your intuitive guidance and work with it in a new way that amplifies your transformative power.
  • It offers a new way of dealing with dramas that allows you to become free of them for good.
  • It also helps you face unresolved thoughts and emotions surrounding traumas and other painful situations from your past.


What is included in the full course?

  • 7 modules with 52 lessons
  • Over 20 hours of video lessons
  • Video, audio, and transcripts are available for each lesson
  • Practical, easy-to-understand information with no complicated medical jargon
  • Exercises to guide you through the process at your own pace
  • Facebook group and webinars where you can get more information about the process directly from Dr. Cassandra
  • You have full access to all content the moment you sign up!
  • Pay the monthly subscription fee and cancel at any time


What is included in the free course preview?

  • 3 short introductory videos
  • 4 full lessons
  • Access to the video, MP3 audio download, and transcript for each lesson
  • 90 minutes of video/audio


Testimonials from Dr. Cassandra's Patients:

"I began to use Dr. Schamber's book with the chronic pain patients I was working with. My way to work with them has always been to try an exercise or movement on myself first to get a clear understanding of how the work feels for me. After reading Dr. Schamber’s book, I started to pay attention to my ongoing stomach problems. I really could feel what was going on in my body and became aware of the emotional struggle inside me. My gut was telling me to stay away from certain situations/people and my mind was saying 'You have to be nice no matter what!' Her book helped me to get to the root of the cause rather than trying to find a fix or avoid the stomach discomfort. Her book gave me clear concepts to work with, with permission to be patient, kind, and gentle with myself as I release the emotional pain I was holding on to. I was raised by lovely parents that loved me, meant me no harm but I can remember, as a small child, being told 'Don't feel that way, you have to always be nice.' So I was. This message kept replaying in my adult life and worked against me. Now I listen and respect the messages my body gives me while being true to what is actually happening. With this awareness I am healthier, I am true to myself, and I am still kind to others. Thank you Dr. Schamber!"

"Since doing this work, I have noticed an improved quality and ease in my relationship to myself and also with my family, friends, and coworkers."

"Learning to feel my emotions and listen to my intuition has helped me to be able to make better decisions in my life!"

"I have a greater appreciation for the value of learning to rest and feel my emotions. This has helped me to have a better understanding of the connection between my emotions and muscle tension in my body. My body feels more relaxed!"

"Dr. Cassandra has helped me attain a higher level of physical and mental fitness. Her knowledge of the mind-emotion-body connection has helped me understand that pain and discomfort can be effectively managed and even eliminated."

"I’m still getting some migraines but I find that I am functioning much better than I was before I came to see you. I am also happy to be off the pain medication."

"Thank you very much for your kindness and care of my headaches. You were the only doctor who made a significant difference."

Topics Covered in the Free Preview:


Emotions Module, Lesson 3 "The Emotional Lives of Children"

In this lesson I’ll help you understand how our relationship with emotions changes because of cultural pressures as we grow from childhood to adulthood.

In this lesson you'll learn: 

  • The vital connection between emotions and energy flow
  • The secret to living in present moment
  • How young children experience emotions
  • The all-or-nothing approach to managing emotions children learn as they grow up
  • The different messages children in abusive and loving homes get about emotions
  • The step-wise progression many children use to block their emotions as they grow up
  • An important root cause of teen angst


Thoughts Module, Lesson 4 "Our Tribes"

In this lesson I’ll introduce the concept of tribes. Understanding our tribes is important, especially as we’re working to understand where a lot of our unhealthy thought patterns start.

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • What tribes are
  • Why we belong to our tribes 
  • Many of the common tribes we belong to 
  • How our tribes support us 
  • The dark side of tribes 


Intuition Module, Lesson 1 “What Is Intuition”

This module is about how you can use your intuition to guide you as you work to change your life. In this first lesson I’ll discuss what intuition is and how you can recognize it.

I'll share:

  • What the intuition is
  • How to recognize your intuition
  • Different names for intuitive guidance
  • The difference between short-term and long-term intuitive guidance
  • The source of intuitive guidance
  • How your intuition is different from your thoughts and emotions
  • How your thoughts and emotions can interfere in your ability to hear your intuition


Life Lessons and Archetypes Module, Lesson 2 “Archetypes”

In this lesson I’m going to discuss an important area in our lives where we learn life lessons—archetypes.

Important concepts you'll learn:

  • What archetypes are
  • Examples of the many life roles that influence us
  • How we choose our archetypes
  • How our archetypes affect our energy flow and our health
  • What to do when unhealthy, outdated tribal messages are limiting your ability to live out your archetypes in a healthy way
  • How to evolve your archetypes
  • The driving motivation behind the macho-man archetype
  • How men learn to live the macho-man archetype starting when they're young
  • How to evolve the macho-man archetype into a updated, healthier version
  • How to recognize if you live the Edith Bunker archetype
  • A new way for women to deal with the macho men in their lives

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