Get to the root of pain and heal from within!

A revolutionary new way to heal your body and mind.

Based on more than fifteen years of research into the mind-body-emotion connection, New Healing Connection is a transformational self-study online course (with accompanying books) and group coaching program for individuals who are ready to make a powerful shift—to heal themselves and change their lives—starting from the inside out.

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Learn more about the New Healing Connection online course. Watch an introduction and find out how Dr. Cassandra can help you!



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Get to the root of your issues to heal your pain from within

Access your natural healing talent to experience physical and emotional healing

Learn to listen to your intuitive guidance to find inner peace 

Use Your Power to Change Your Life


What is the one thing in your life that you’d like to change?

  • Would you like to heal a physical or emotional illness?
  • Would you like to resolve a conflict with another person?
  • Would you like to find a more satisfying career or greater financial satisfaction?
  • Or would you just like to have a sense of inner peace and be able to enjoy each moment to its fullest? 


Although it can seem impossible to turn these changes into reality, by shifting your perspective and focusing on your inner self, they are potentially within your reach.


The work you do to accomplish all these changes starts from the same place: your inner self. This is because when you work on bringing balance to your inner life, your outer life changes too. Everything from your physical and mental health to your relationships, career, and financial situation.

This work is so simple that anyone can do it, but it takes a special person with an open mind and the motivation to dig deep and look inside of yourself as you pick up your power and transform your life.

If you suffer from:

  • chronic pain of any type including headaches, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, abdominal pain, neck and back pain
  • depression or anxiety
  • chronic illness—including recurrent infections, menstrual disorders, asthma, allergies, intestinal disorders, skin conditions, and conditions where you suspect there is an emotional or stress component causing or exacerbating your symptoms
  • obesity
  • addictions to substances or unhealthy habits
  • unresolved conflicts and problems in relationships
  • work dissatisfaction
  • an experience or feeling of victimization
  • shame or guilt
  • unresolved emotions after trauma
  • a sense of dissatisfaction or lack of inner peace


If you:

  • are dedicated to self-awareness
  • are open to new ideas
  • want to improve your life
  • are motivated to change


If you've:

  • tried conventional medicine and complementary therapies and still aren’t satisfied
  • been in counseling or addiction treatment programs that haven’t accomplished what you needed
  • tried different diets and weight loss programs with limited success
  • changed jobs or relationships only to find yourself in another unsatisfying situation



Introducing: A revolutionary new approach to transforming your life

This process doesn’t depend on specific medications, herbs, supplements, exercise techniques, or other healing treatments.

But you can continue living your healthy lifestyle and do the other treatments that have already proven to be healthy for you. You can continue seeing your physician and other healthcare providers while you do the work in the course. The work you do on your inner self will add a whole new dimension to the healing you’ve already accomplished.

With practical exercises you can do at your own pace and support from Dr. Cassandra, you’ll work to get to the root of the issues that are limiting you from optimizing your health and changing your life.

You have more power than you realize—power to heal yourself and change your life— starting from the inside out.

Here are some real breakthroughs achieved by Dr. Cassandra's students:

"I began to use Dr. Schamber's book with the chronic pain patients I was working with. My way to work with them has always been to try an exercise or movement on myself first to get a clear understanding of how the work feels for me. After reading Dr. Schamber’s book, I started to pay attention to my ongoing stomach problems. I really could feel what was going on in my body and became aware of the emotional struggle inside me. My gut was telling me to stay away from certain situations/people and my mind was saying 'You have to be nice no matter what!' Her book helped me to get to the root of the cause rather than trying to find a fix or avoid the stomach discomfort. Her book gave me clear concepts to work with, with permission to be patient, kind, and gentle with myself as I release the emotional pain I was holding on to. I was raised by lovely parents that loved me, meant me no harm but I can remember, as a small child, being told 'Don't feel that way, you have to always be nice.' So I was. This message kept replaying in my adult life and worked against me. Now I listen and respect the messages my body gives me while being true to what is actually happening. With this awareness I am healthier, I am true to myself, and I am still kind to others. Thank you Dr. Schamber!"

"Since doing this work, I have noticed an improved quality and ease in my relationship to myself and also with my family, friends, and coworkers."

"Learning to feel my emotions and listen to my intuition has helped me to be able to make better decisions in my life!"

"I have a greater appreciation for the value of learning to rest and feel my emotions. This has helped me to have a better understanding of the connection between my emotions and muscle tension in my body. My body feels more relaxed!"

"Dr. Cassandra has helped me attain a higher level of physical and mental fitness. Her knowledge of the mind-emotion-body connection has helped me understand that pain and discomfort can be effectively managed and even eliminated."

"I’m still getting some migraines but I find that I am functioning much better than I was before I came to see you. I am also happy to be off the pain medication."

"Thank you very much for your kindness and care of my headaches. You were the only doctor who made a significant difference."

You are invited on a journey to discover and fix the root cause of issues that limit your Physical & Emotional Healing

Cassandra Schamber, MD focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection. She combines her understanding of Western medicine, complementary medicine and spirituality as she helps people get to the root of their pain and heal from within. She created the New Healing Connection for people who want to change their perspective on health and healing. Her special interest is in the power of emotions to heal both physical and emotional illness.

My Story: Cassandra Schamber, MD

After I finished my family medicine residency in 1996, I was in a bad place. Medical training had taken everything out of me. I was exhausted and lacking inner peace. I was also dissatisfied with what I could accomplish for my patients.

Too often I felt like I was just treading water as I tried to manage my patients’ symptoms, instead of getting to the root of their problems and healing them.

So I tried to find a new healing approach for both myself and my patients. Over the next few years, I studied as many different complementary and alternative medicine treatments as I could find.

As I applied the therapies I learned, I started to realize that there were a number of important concepts that work beyond the physical treatments.

I began to teach these concepts to my patients and I applied them to my own life.

When I completed a pain fellowship in 2005 and started to manage chronic pain, I began to teach this information in even more detail.

I found that the patients who applied these concepts to their lives were able to accomplish levels of healing that other patients couldn’t.

The New Healing Connection course will give you a new approach to transforming your life. It provides guidance for many areas of your life:

  • It offers a practical way to view the concept of energy that can often seem too mystical for the average person.
  • It teaches a revolutionary new way to deal with emotions.
  • It offers a new approach to breaking unhealthy thought habits.
  • It helps you recognize your intuitive guidance and work with it in a new way that amplifies your transformative power.
  • It offers a new way of dealing with dramas that allows you to become free of them for good.
  • It also helps you face unresolved thoughts and emotions surrounding traumas and other painful situations from your past.


What is included in the course?

  • 7 modules with 52 lessons
  • Over 20 hours of video lessons
  • Video, audio, and transcripts are available for each lesson
  • Practical, easy-to-understand information with no complicated medical jargon
  • Exercises to guide you through the process at your own pace
  • You have full access to all content the moment you sign up!

Study 52 Lessons in 7 Modules:

1. The Energy Module will help you learn how to optimize your energy:

You’ll learn about the importance of shifting your attention inward, and you’ll learn techniques to slow down and observe yourself.

You’ll get an overview of the different types of complementary and alternative medicine that are most commonly used today.

You'll learn about the concept of energy flow in a way that’s easy to understand, and you'll learn about concepts that are commonly used in energy medicine including chakras, auras, and how energy healing works.

 Dr. Cassandra will give you a practical guide to working with energy including a way to diagnose energy imbalances in your body and energy system.

You’ll become aware of your energy expenditures including where and how you spend them. And you’ll learn a new way to quantify them.

You’ll learn how to view your physical and emotional health from a new viewpoint integrating your understanding of energy with conventional medicine.

 Dr. Cassandra will talk specifically about chronic pain and how to view it in terms of energy flow.

You’ll learn how to understand unhealthy habits and addictions in terms of energy flow, and how to use your knowledge of energy as you’re healing those habits and addictions.

2. In the Emotions Module you'll learn a healthy new way to manage your emotions:

Dr. Cassandra will describe the difference between thoughts and emotions so that you can learn how to work with each of these parts of you separately.

You’ll learn about the four key emotions: anger, sadness, fear, and joy. You’ll learn about each of these emotions in detail including learning a new perspective toward the “negative” emotions.

You'll understand how to experience all emotions in a healthy way that won’t hurt yourself or other people. You’ll learn how to get comfortable with feeling of your emotions flowing through your body.

You'll see the difference between sadness and depression, and you'll learn a new way to deal with depression and work with grief.

Dr. Cassandra will discuss the unhealthy stigma anger has had and how to approach your anger in a healthier way.

You’ll learn how to view fear and anxiety in a way that won’t be limiting for you. You’ll Understand how to manage your fear while you’re living your life rather than letting it hold you back.

 Dr. Cassandra will share her approach for finding the deepest joy possible. And she’ll help you learn how to live in present moment in the fullest way possible.

You'll understand how the relationship with our emotions changes as we grow up because of messages from the people around us.

You’ll learn about emotional abscesses and how suppressing emotional flow is harmful for your health. You’ll also learn how to clear your body of abscessed emotions.

You’ll become aware of your emotional basement and how to clean it out.

Dr. Cassandra will give you a new way of approaching emotions if you have a history of trauma and are especially uncomfortable with them.

You'll learn to understand how different drugs, including prescription medications and street drugs, affect emotional flow.

You’ll receive detailed guidance on how to feel your emotions in a healthy way including many techniques to help trigger your emotional flow.

3. In the Thoughts Module you'll learn how to calm your mind and change your perspective:

You'll start to view your mind-body connection in a practical way. You'll be able to recognize the mind-body conflict and how to resolve it.

 Dr. Cassandra will explain how your tribes and their messages affect all aspects of your life.  She'll talk about how you can change your relationship with your tribes and any unhealthy messages they’ve taught you.

You’ll learn to recognize when you’re on the thought treadmill in one of four unhealthy thought patterns: excessive planning, worrying, regretting, or judging. You’ll learn about each of these habits in detail including how to get to the root of why you’re thinking them and how to calm your hyperactive intellect and get off the treadmill.

 You'll discover the difference between healthy thinking and the four unhealthy thought patterns.

Dr. Cassandra will teach you ways to change your perspective on situations you’re stressing over so that you can let them go.

You’ll learn how to create healthy messages to replace the unhealthy judgments and tribal messages you’ve learned.

You’ll learn a new approach to forgiveness that will allow you to let go of the past for good.

You’ll learn a special technique to work with both your emotions and your thoughts together to help you find balance in your life.

4. The Shame Module will help you let go of shame that may be limiting you:

Dr. Cassandra will define shame, guilt, and embarrassment. She’ll help you recognize when you’re feeling these emotions.

You’ll learn how to get to the root of your shame and understand it in a new way.

You'll discover a technique to work with your thoughts and emotions to help you let go of your shame.

You’ll learn how to deal with situations where you feel shame about something you’ve done to hurt someone else and how to work through those situations in a healthy way.

5. In the Intuition Module you'll learn how to recognize your inner guidance:

You’ll learn to recognize your intuition.

You’ll learn how your intuition is different from your thoughts and your emotions.

You'll discover how to listen to your intuitive guidance and work with it on a practical day-to-day basis.

Dr. Cassandra will discuss how to view those situations where your intuition guides you into learning experiences that can be difficult and painful.

You’ll learn how to work with the creative triad of your intuition, thoughts, and emotions as you’re making choices about what will be best for your healing and how you’ll change your life.

6. In the Dramas Module you'll learn how to resolve conflicts for once and for all:

Dr. Cassandra will share a new way to view your dramas and conflicts. You’ll learn to look at every day as a learning experience where your dramas and conflicts aren’t just difficult, painful situations. Instead they’re situations that have something important to teach you about yourself.

You'll learn how to use your dramas as mirrors to show you unhealthy judgments and tribal messages that may otherwise be hard for you to recognize.

You’ll also you learn to use your dramas to help you recognize when you need to make changes in your life.

Dr. Cassandra will address the issues that come up when the people in your life resist the changes you need to make.

7. The Life Lessons and Archetypes Module will help you let go of traumas:

Dr. Cassandra will address the painful life lessons we all experience and how to approach them in a healthy way that doesn’t limit your forward movement in your life.

You'll discover the importance of not letting your happy mask stop you from getting support.

You’ll learn about archetypes, or life roles, that are important in bringing us life lessons.

You’ll discover how to evolve your archetypes so that you let go of the old, degenerative ways of living them and find new, healthy approaches that give you a sense of empowerment and inner peace.

You'll learn about the powerful mother archetype and issues that come up for both mothers and their children.

Dr. Cassandra will address the specific issues that people experience when they’re ill and their patient archetype becomes activated.

You’ll learn how to recognize your victim archetype and change your approach to situations where you feel like a victim so that you feel more empowered and able to change your life.

Dr. Cassandra will share her approach to dealing with your addict archetype. This works for any addiction, whether it’s to a substance or an unhealthy habit.

You'll understand more clearly what an addiction is and how to identify your addictions.

You’ll learn how to work with your addictions using all the information you’ve learned in the course.



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